Privacy Policy

Last updated: November 2nd, 2020

Please carefully read the Privacy Policy (""Privacy Policy"", ""Policy"") before visiting and using our website, located at (the ""Service"" or """"). This website is run and maintained by Karma Creative LLC (""us"", ""we"", or ""our"").

This document is our Privacy Policy. It describes how the data we collect about you is used and disclosed when you access our website and use the Service.

""Gear MVP"" refers to all Gear MVP personnel such as customer service people, lawyers, and contractors who are all bound by confidentially agreements. Your privacy is our priority and we do everything we can to respect it. Specifically, we will never sell your information or share it except in the legitimate processing of your order or if compelled by law.

""personal data"" refers to any personally identifying info or info which could allow identification.

We are invested in adhering to the highest standards to ensure your quiet enjoyment of our Services.

Your visits to and use of is conditional of your agreement to and adherence to the Privacy Policy, as set forth in this document. The Privacy Policy is applicable to everyone who visits the site, all users, and anyone using the Service. By visiting the site and using the Service, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to be bound by the full extend of this Privacy Policy, then you are not allowed to visit the website or use the Service.

While we provide the Service, Gear MVP will collect and retain some of your personal data. Some of this data is used to process your order and some of it is used to improve your experience, our website, and the Service.

Some example of information we may collect:

  • Transactional data such as name, email, phone number, billing address, and shipping address.
  • Payment information such as the last 4 digits of your credit card number (the full number is never passed to our system and is sent directly to the payment provider for processing).
  • Social media profiles and data, especially if these are used for your account creation.
  • Other shared submitted information such as photos, messages, documents, survey responses, contest entries, and the like.
  • Automatic technical data such as your equipment, your IP address, and your usage data, collected through Google Analytics.

Gear MVP uses this information in the fulfillment of your order and to improve our website and Services. For example, we provide your shipping address and phone number to our shipping partners. Another example is providing your payment information to our payment providers.

Let us know if you'd like to get your data, make any changes, or remove it by sending and email to We will act in good faith to accommodate your request.

If needed, please contact us at the following address:

Business Name: Karma Creative LLC

Privacy Manager: Thomas Sample


Street Address: 34 Cedar Brook Dr., Somerset, NJ 08873